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A wise Indian poet told me once that "poetry can never help anybody". Nonetheless, I have found salvation in the rise and fall of words, in cadence and in rhythm.

Poetry does not state the answers outright, it merely hints at them. This is its beauty.

Read my poems and make them yours.

I also host my blog, called "The Ripple Blog", on this site. I like writing on a range of subjects, from politics, to law, to current news. I try to analyse issues, and propose solutions, hoping that the ripples spread out and touch your life.

The writing may not be updated everyday, it may sometimes deal with issues that you consider of passing interest only.

However, the writing will make you think.

I started planning this site with two humble desires, I wanted to help you feel, and I wanted to help you think. I hope the poetry and the blog succeed in doing both.

I am grateful to have your company on this journey.

About Passing For Human
Passing For Human is my first publication. The poems are etched on a wide canvass and focus on diverse aspects of the human condition. They are layered in context, rich in meaning, intricate in metaphor, feminist and futurist. They prominently feature the themes of alienation and redemption. They are a roadmap to a dynamic, collaborative, non-stratified world.

About Living The Future

“Living the Future” focuses on my vision of the future, of God, and of the purpose behind creation. The poems explore God as Omega, and posit us as God-in-making. A thread of feminist dialogue runs through the book. Uniquely, this dialogue has an assertive combination of challenge and problem solving. There is rage, alienation, the struggle to find peace, and redemption. There is a strong tribute to committed, eternal love, and to the meaningful metaphors that mark our present.



Why I Write Poetry

I write poetry for much the same reason that a mountain climber constantly dreams of his next mountain – ‘because its there’.

I went through a phase when poetry was creative expression, to a phase where poetry was an achievement, to a phase where poetry was catharsis, to a phase where poetry was a private space, to a phase where poetry was autobiography. Now, I use my poems as problem solving tools.

You are an essential part of the solution.

My poems are my dreams of what we can achieve, I am passing the flag to you.

Without you, I would not have bothered.